Scandinavian Interiors influenced by the Happy Danes

Denmark has once again been ranked as the happiest nation in the world. This was issued again and this time by the first World Happiness Report, held in April 2012.

Ikea StorefrontThere is a fascination in the way others live there lives and there lifestyle choices. An  interest in Scandinavian inspired interiors has been happening for many years and with the existence of retailers such as Ikea and Bo Concept, to name only two, furniture and furnishings are widely available. In the 60’s Habitat and it’s founder Terence Conran influenced customers tastes by introducing many European products new to the British market, including some with a Scandinavian origin. Recently, there has been a resurgence of interest in this type of light, bright and crisp treatment to interiors. As with all style concepts there are many variations, the contemporary minimalist style is sometimes the look we would associate with Scandinavian interiors yet there is the ‘Granny Style’ that has a more cottage look including patterned furnishings and panelled furniture.


The contemporary Scandinavian styling has probably arisen with the need to utilise light by having larger windows (double or triple Glazed) to collect as much light in the day as winter darkness is from November to April. Danish modern styling was very much influenced by the 1920’s Bauhaus school of design and architecture founder by Walter Gropius in Germany. The Danes can also lay claim to some of the best furniture designers such as Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen the functionalist designer.

Modern, light interiors are often monochrome with added splashes of colour. However, the Scandinavian influence will generally include timber in some form, whether as a planked timber floor covered with rugs, wooden furniture or timber doors.


The Countryman Door

I you are wishing to create a Scandinavian style look at the many door designs supplied by Kershaws Doors.  The cottage planked V groove interior doors such as the Countryman Solid and Countryman Glazed version supplied in unfinished Oak will suit the ‘Granny Style’. These doors have 18mm solid oak lipping which allows for trimming to fit existing door openings. The Countryman Solid is also available as a Fire Rated FD30 option making it ideal for loft conversions and multi occupancy properties.

If a contemporary Scandinavian look is required then a timber option could the Mega range of Oak veneered doors which offer a range of set options. If you are introducing the timber element in other areas such as the flooring and want doors which are light and suitable to be painted then the Shaker style may be your preference as it is also available as a glazed option.

If your property is a conversion with larger than standard doors or a new build which requires over sized doors for the contemporary effect then the Custom door range will be just what you need.  Give Kershaws Doors a ring to discuss your ideas and preferences the sales team are there to assist you.  Happy Scandinavian styling.

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Oak Internal Doors

Pesaro oak door

Pesaro oak door used in combination with an oak floor

Oak furniture and flooring is a very popular choice for homes today and at Kershaws Doors we find a lot of people are looking to match their furniture and flooring with Oak internal doors.

We have a wide range of Internal Oak doors to complement your furnishings. In fact we have over 200 styles of classic and contemporary Oak internal doors to choose from. Oak doors are available as pre-finished Oak veneer which can be hung on delivery (remember to check sizing, adjust or shave to fit and use a finish on the bare timber). Alternatively you can buy unfinished internal oak doors which allow you to select the finish of the door so you need to choose a stain or varnish for your door. Please check our website for Finishing Instructions.

Oak is a durable wood which makes it ideal for furniture and doors. Its current popularity is due to the timber’s naturally attractive appearance of both colour and decorative grain. There are different types of Oak but most commonly used for doors is white oak which is light coloured and will suit a variety of interior schemes. Oak interior doors will certainly complement the current trend for neutral interiors. Many people are trying to create a natural look in their home and Oak doors will support this design choice. Whether it’s a modern or traditional look you are going for, Oak doors will be a good choice for your home.

If you wish to buy Oak internal doors to match your Oak furniture or flooring you should take a look at Kershaws Doors selection which includes solid/panelled and glazed doors featuring clear, frosted or decorative glass.

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House Styles

Your choice of front door will be strongly dictated by the architectural style of your home. This may depend on location and when it was built amongst other things. Some of the most common home styles are listed below along with some recommended door designs from the Kershaws Doors collection that will bring out the best in your particular style of home.

Victorian Style Homes

Gothic Door

Gothic Door

During the Victorian era(1837 to 1901) people viewed their homes as a reflection of themselves and took a lot of pride in how they looked. Common features include high ceilings, spacious rooms and lots of detailing including coving and ceiling roses. Victorian homes typically have sash windows and may include small panes of glass featuring decorative detailing. Traditional door styles for Victorian homes feature four panels and were painted in dark colours including deep reds and dark greens. Kershaws Doors have a 4 Panel Hardwood door that reflects the Victorian style perfectly.

Gothic Style Homes

Gothic architecture originated during the medieval period, and was revived in the late 19th century. Most of today’s gothic style homes are inspired by the architecture of churches and cathedrals. These properties typically feature curved arches and pointed windows along with stained glass windows. The Kershaws Doors collection includes a Gothic hardwood external door with tri-glazed safety glass with traditional leaded detailing which would be the perfect complement to a gothic style home. Pointed glazed panels finishes off the look.

Cottage Style Homes

Cottage style homes offer a charming and cosy appearance. Cottages frequently feature small windows and unusual sized doors. If you require a door with unusual dimensions then have a look at the custom sized doors at Kershaws Doors or give us a call to ask what we can supply. The Bordeaux Oak Door with a double glazed panel from Kershaws Doors is a pretty example of a cottage style door which would enhance the first impression of any cottage style property.



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Superstitions About Doors


Do you carry a piece of coal on New Year’s Day?

I recently wrote about wedding traditions and the carrying of the bride over the threshold. This time, I’m thinking about superstitions related to doors and I believe there are a few. One that springs to mind is a Scottish or Irish one which many people still honour on New Year’s Day. The first person to call at your door on New Year’s Day should carry a piece of coal. Apparently this should mean that your home will be warm all year and you will have enough fuel for heating. Another superstition states that the first person to pass through you doorway on New Year’s Day should be dark haired. A red-headed person supposedly carries bad luck so you should avoid them being first to enter your doorway on the first day of the year.

There are a few superstitions associated with new homes and one that springs to mind is when you first enter your new home. Apparently it is unlucky to enter your new home by the back door. To avoid bad luck you need to enter by your front door. Entering and leaving by different doors is another superstition to cause bad luck as you should always enter and leave by the same door.

After a few relating to external doors, the following superstitious belief relates to internal doors… Some people believe that you should never sleep with your feet facing the bedroom door. The idea behind this one supposedly relates to when we die and the fact that you will be carried out the door feet first.

Buying a new Front Door is one way to make you happy as there is something special about a lovely door that you can be proud of and every time you come home you will be pleased with your decision to update that shabby old door. Check out the Kershaws Doors collection for a great range of internal and external doors.

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Trends of the 1950’s and 60’s

1960's style room

A modern property styled to recreate the 1960′s look, displayed on

Trends in house design and decoration come and go. It seems as if we just get used to a particular style, colour or furniture idea, embrace it, and before we know its yesterday’s news. Or is it? Interior design ideas do have a tendency to be revived and return, with a twist, on a regular basis, sometimes within 20 years or so.

For example considering the fashion in clothes, I have seen similar styles to those I wore during my teenage years, revamped on numerous occasions. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said to my daughter “I had a dress just like that” while looking in trendy boutiques (there’s an historical term for you). It’s true, though the fabrics and construction techniques used may be contemporary the styling, patterns and influences are retro.

As a child of the 1950′s my first recollections of interior trends are generally that of the 1960′s. I lived in a house built during the Victorian Era with Gothic detailing on the external timber fascias. The exterior doors were a chunky 4 panelled style, constructed from Pitch Pine, which were originally painted. I remember the main front door was made to look modern in the 60’s by covering it with a sheet of hardboard, to give it a flush appearance Yuck!  When I think of that lovely 4 panelled door, with raised beading surrounding the panels, underneath a piece of flimsy hardboard, I cringe. The kitchen door, which was of a similar design, was removed and replaced with a modern 4 panel glazed door with Deep Flemish Glass. This was the trend of the moment and although the doors were perfectly ok it was the modern thing to do.

The interiors of the house were also subjected to similar treatments. The existing internal doors were Pitch Pine Timber with 4 flat panels surrounded by Bolection mouldings. They were ultimately flushed with hardboard then painted; some were removed and replaced with glazed 4 panel doors similar to the kitchen door. This process was understandable in some ways as the glazed doors allowed more light into the house, and the trend for brighter interiors after the war years and the previous dark Victorian times was very popular. We can see this demand for light and airy interiors in contemporary styling today such as in Scandinavian influenced interiors.

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A Story From My Childhood

I was always very inquisitive as a child and I had a wild imagination at times. In the local park there was a long, high wall covered in ivy. It was far too tall for me to see over and the only way to see what was on the other side was to climb the old oak tree nearby or to somehow get through the small door in the middle of the wall. The door was mossy green ancient-looking, but very solid and despite many attempts to open the door, we never managed to pick the lock, even though it always looked so easy in the films.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden © Ben O’Bryan

We often wondered what could be on the other side of the door and tried on many occasions to climb the tree but the first branch was out of reach and standing on each other’s shoulders never really seemed to work.

Since we couldn’t see what was over the wall, we had to let our imaginations fill in the gaps. Between us, we created a range of possibilities. Tales of witches and goblins were not uncommon amongst my friends and we thought that maybe there was a lake with a castle in the middle and that strange little people lived there which explained why the door was so small (about two thirds the size of a normal door, but small enough to fuel our imaginations).

The park gardener said he knew what was on the other side of the door and he also knew that we really did want to know. He used to tell us that there was a haunted house in a dark forest and that nobody had seen the family who lived there in many years. He always smiled when he told us this and so we were never frightened.

I don’t remember ever seeing over that wall or seeing that door open even though I visited the park well into my teenage years. I think perhaps the memory of what might have been through that door was too precious to shatter with the view of a vegetable patch or an old greenhouse.

I suspect that if you think hard, maybe not too hard, that there will be a door from your early years that had a big impact on you for one reason or another. Doors protect the mystery of what lies beneath and the appearance of a door can stir a wild imagination.


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Made to Measure

The  term Made to Measure typically conjures up products such as curtains, generally needed to exactly fit a window, or clothing such as a tailored suit or a wedding dress which must fit, a particular person, exactly for a special occasion. However, economic restraints typically necessitate that the merchandise we purchase will usually be what is classed as ‘Off the Peg‘ example quote: (describes clothes that are made and bought in standard sizes and not made especially to fit a particular person).

One reason ready to wear clothes developed came from the necessity for large amounts of manufactured military uniforms in the 19th century. Standardise sets of clothing were designed to fit a range of body sizes and through this need and  improvement in manufacturing techniques it became possible to determine a standard sizing and therefore provide merchandise which was available in stock.

These days we take for granted that most things are available and in our mass market economy are surprised when something is unavailable. Nevertheless, it is easy to forget that manufacturing time scales are not always to our liking. Occasionally we discover that the wait for something special or for it to be altered can make the product seem more valuable and precious.

Kershaws Doors Ltd have a great many stock items ready for shipment, yet stocks do run low and then our reliance on our manufacturing partners can delay delivery. Yet customers can rest assured that we will do all we can to complete their order as quickly as we can.

Bespoke door manufacture

Bespoke door manufacture
image © June 2012


We supply a large amount of tailor made doors as many of our customers find that our Bespoke doors section is just what they were looking for and find them well worth the wait. The internal doors which are particularly special and have to be waited for are from the quality Made to Measure bespoke ranges in either Oak or Clear Pine. These doors are immensely popular with customers looking for doors to fit unusually sized openings and can be made in 35mm or 45mm thicknesses or FD30 fire rated (certified to BS 1634-1:2000). These orders may be from individuals looking for traditional doors to compliment their cottage, converted barn or manor house or a property developer sourcing extra tall contemporary doors for a loft conversion.

We are also able to supply special external custom doors from our Heritage range of traditionally styled doors.  A little forward planning and a bit of patience will allow you to have just the right door needed for your special property when ‘Off the Peg’ just won’t do.

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Wembley Dreams Dashed for Bradford

Bradford City at Wembley Stadium 2013

Bradford City at Wembley Stadium 2013

Kershaws Doors is based in Bradford and the local football team is Bradford City FC. For those who don’t know, Bradford City are currently positioned 11th in League 2 and amazed many to make it to the Capital One Cup final on Sunday 24th Feb. The first fourth tier club ever to reach a major final at Wembley, Bradford beat three Premier League teams to reach the final (Wigan Athletic, Arsenal and Aston Villa).

Thousands of fans, including a couple from the Kershaws Doors office, headed down to Wembley for the Cup Final against Swansea City. You’ll be familiar with the journey of the local team whether you’re a football fan or not, especially if you live in or near West Yorkshire. A true underdog team, the Bantams surprised many as they defeated Premier giants in the run up to the Final.

Playing for a place in Europe next year, reaching this Final was a proud moment for players and fans alike and the level of support was impressive. Some 32,000 fans made the trip down to Wembley to support their team.

With the odds against them, Bradford City turned up ready for a tough match, however their dreams were never meant to be. The Premier League side outclassed the Bantams and the underdogs failed to shine in a heavy defeat. No amount of cheering and shouting from a strong set of supporters could change the result.

Whilst there will be many sad fans now, you have to admire the achievement of the Bradford boys. Reaching the final is an amazing accomplishment and certainly worth celebrating.

From all at Kershaws Doors, well done to the Bantams – a fantastic effort from all!

Bradford City at Wembley

Kershaws Doors support Bradford City

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Beautiful and Suitable External Timber Doors

We all want to live in a home we are proud of, and make our visitors feel welcome, from the moment they ring the bell or knock on the door. New windows if required make a big difference especially if the old ones were in need of repair, a new porch or extension in keeping with the properties style will undoubtedly make difference.
There are only a few, relatively inexpensive, additions or changes we can make to the external appearance of your property. However, by fitting a new front door our customers find that this single item can make a significant improvement.
Nowadays, there is an massive choice of timber external doors; the only dilemma is what to choose. Kershaws Doors supply a broad range of external timber doors to compliment any style of property.

Creedmore Grand Set 09

For example: The Creedmore Oak Tri-Glazed Door with integral Kazumi Bevelled glass in the glazing unit. This a beautiful example of an external door suitable for both traditional and contemporary properties due to it’s classic detailing. The Creedmore door looks particularly stunning when used as a pair to create a Grand Entrance Set. This arrangement has the added benefit of creating a larger entrance, which is very useful when bringing in larger pieces of furniture.

6 Panel Colonial Hardwood Door


If your property definitely looks better with a door true to it’s historic heritage then the classic 6 Panel Colonial external door in Meranti Hardwood with raised and fielded solid panels is ideal for dark staining or preferably painted in period colours. This door and the similar quality, 4 Panel will provide your restoration with true elegance.


Edinburgh Door



Properties built in the early 20th century such as in the 20′s and 30′s are now well catered for. A lovely example is the 30′s style Edinburgh external door in Meranti Hardwood with it’s stunning Tri-glazed leaded and patterned glass unit. The Edinburgh looks good with a dark stain yet is principally designed to be painted, as these doors generally were. Nowadays, there are a wealth of period colours available and for advice on the best treatments you must refer to the finishing recommendations from Kershaws Doors when purchasing the products.


Properties built during the post war years, and since, vary greatly both in style and in the type of construction materials used. Therefore, a certain amount of personal choice with a sympathetic consideration to the architecture is required when choosing an exterior door for these properties. An example of an external quality, contemporary door from Kershaws would be the Mega external in substantial Oak veneer. This range offers a great selection of sizes including panels for creating Grand Entrance sets.

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Sweet Sound of a Doorbell

Door Bell Push Button

Door Bell Push Button

I have mentioned once or twice in this blog the statement that you are making with your front door. However once a visitor has taken in the splendour of your new front door, hopefully supplied by Kershaws Doors of course, what is his or her next experience going to be? They will ring the bell! It’s usual that the ensuing audible signal will be heard by both the occupants of the house and by the person pressing your doorbell button. This is so the visitor is aware that your bell actually works and of course so that you know someone is currently admiring your front door.

It is important therefore to get the right bell tone, or tune, for the more adventurous, to maintain the impression you first set out to achieve when you purchased your door. Don’t for example have a grand front door with a bell chime that sounds like a cheap buzzer from a child’s Christmas stocking.

There are many door bells on the market ranging from simple one tone bells to wireless “bells” that play tunes or even recorded messages and for the hard of hearing there are visual “bells” which both light up and emit sound, so do some research just as you did when looking for a door and get one that suits your door, suits you and your personality. Remember that by the time your door has been eyed up and the bell tone heard, your visitor has already got a firm opinion about you, the person behind the greeting.

I think it is only fair at this point to pay tribute to the inventor of the electric door bell, Mr Joseph Henry who came up with the idea as far back as 1831! His invention soon took over from the first door bells which had a pull cord. His invention has of course developed over the years, but it is him that we have to thank for the humble electric door bell.

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I’ve got the Key of the door never been 21 before

There are numerous famous sayings relating to doors, which just  goes to show how important they are as a milestone in our lives as well as an important security and thermal product.

Confucius said: “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”  an ageless adage and so true.

One saying I particularly like (probably as I trained as a teacher) is by Victor Hugo the French poet and novelist who wrote Les Misérables while in exile in Guernsey, he says ……

he who opens a school door, closes a prison

KeyOn a more light hearted note is the old quotation ” I’ve got the key of the door, never been 21 before“. Many young people will not relate to this as they usually have the key of the door well before the age of 21. Nowadays, 18 is the age of majority, when you are considered to be an adult and therefore allowed to come and go as you please, rather than abide by your parents wishes. How things have changed, whether we agree with it or not, many young people have the key to the door due to necessity, as parents are often out working when they return from school.

Well, keys, doors, locks, latches and all the related paraphernalia are very close to our hearts at Kershaws Doors Ltd. A door may not always require a key but it usually requires hinges and latches in order for it to stay shut. We are able supply and give advice on the most appropriate hardware for the type of door you are purchasing.  Of course exterior doors will need latches to hold the door and locks to secure it. Interior doors generally just need a latch but bathroom doors benefit from a turn and release lock which are also available with an indicator, these are referred to as privacy locks. Do give us a ring if you need advice on what is available.

The subject of doors will continue (watch this space). Gentlemen don’t forget to carry your brides over the threshold, but maybe that’s another blog.

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A Child’s View of a Door

I was lucky enough recently to spend some time with a group of 6 and 7 year olds and I decided from a creative and learning perspective, to ask them what’s your favourite door and why?

Dolls House DoorHere are just a few of the things they wrote.

My favourite door is:-

My Grandma’s door because she always makes lovely cakes for us. Emma, age 6
A locked one in our house, I wonder what’s behind it. George, age 7
I don’t like doors, I trapped my fingers once, silly door! Thomas, age 6
The one on my toy castle, it’s really big and keeps the baddies out. Toby, age 6
The one in the tree in my garden because fairies live there and I play with them sometimes. Elizabeth, age 6
My dolls’ house door because it opens the whole house up. Gemma, age 7
The cupboard under the stairs because I keep all my toys and secrets in there, please don’t tell my mum about the secrets. Christopher, age 6

We had many conversations about the different doors in our lives, but there was one thing that was apparent and constant in every discussion – doors are an emotional subject. They conjure up thoughts of adventure, safety, danger and family and by the age of 6 they already play a big part in our lives without us even knowing it.

Doors give a clue as to what’s behind them. We don’t always realise but our minds see a door and make quick judgements and opinions about what and who is behind them. First opinions are hard to change and often our first opinion of a place or person is formed just by seeing the front door. What does a shabby front door in a dull colour say about the people inside? And how about a grand black door with a bright golden letterbox? This may be an unfair snap judgment and yet from a very early age we are already programmed to have an opinion based on looks alone.

Does your front door give the right first impression? If not, check out the great range of doors in the Kershaws Doors collection.

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Why Fire Doors ?

I remember the doors between classrooms and corridors in my High School, they were very plain in appearance, though painted in various colours to signify sections of the school and if glazed they had panels of wired glass. At the time I just thought they were utilitarian, boring and probably cheap, what I didn’t realise until later was that these uninteresting doors performed a very important function. They were Fire Doors, that very importantly prevent fire from spreading between areas within a building.

Intumescent seal

The intumescent seal around the glazing of a custom fire door

Nowadays, fire doors are used in many situations, not just in public buildings but in many domestic properties. If a house is built over 2 floors, is used as a multiple occupancy or has a loft conversion, then building inspectors require these rooms to have FD30 doors that must resist fire for at least 30 minutes. If a house has an integral garage leading into the property then a fire door is required and depending on the situation sometimes an FD60 (60minutes protection) door is required. These doors should also have an appropriate frame, smoke seals (or intumescent seals) and hardware to provide the same fire protection as the door.

Now this all sounds like it may compromise the appearance and style of the property. This is not the case anymore as a very large amount of timber door designs also have corresponding, certified fire doors.

Kershaws Doors Ltd sell a vast amount of timber Fire Doors with the legal requirement for FD certified doors. In addition they also supply suitable frames, seals and hardware to resist fire. These doors have been tested by demonstrating fire resistance performance to the required time period (e.g. 30 or 60 minutes). There are 5 pages of fire doors on the site including Custom Made fire doors which offer flexibility for non-standard sizes. The drop down menu on each page helps you to choose the size and denotes whether it is a standard or Fire Door.

At present Kershaws Doors have a special promotion on FD30 Fire Certified white doors. They are the Canterbury 4 Panel fire door and the Colonist 6 Panel both classic door designs with pressed, raised and fielded style panels. The very low price of £64.08 each for either style makes these doors an ideal choice for refurbishments, where cost efficiency is paramount. These doors are factory primed, ready for a top coat finish (see our finishing guidelines on the website).

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Definition of a Door

Dictionary TextWhilst thinking about doors, yes, it’s a regular thing in this business, I realised that it is quite difficult to actually define what a door is! Clearly it is a big lump of wood that sits neatly in a hole of the same size and shape but what is it really? I was disappointed when I looked in the dictionary to find the following definition.

“A hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building, room, or vehicle, or in the framework of a cupboard:”

In particular I was offended by the word “barrier”! In this day and age when we are all so security conscious (with good reason, to be fair) it is a shame that we have forgotten what else a door can be – besides a barrier. A door is an opportunity to see and or do something we have never done before or it can be a gateway to a new experience.

A door is not a blockade with the sole purpose of keeping things in or out, be that people or the elements. A door is so much more, it’s a portal into our lives, our homes, into who we are and how we live and love.


Riverside Glazed Detail

Riverside Glazed – Beading and glass detail

Our front door is a guardian holding back those things we do not want in our lives and yet allowing safe and welcoming passage to those people we wish to share our homes and hospitality with.

Doors play a huge part in our lives and yet we frequently just take them for granted, we almost forget them completely and often only think to update or replace them when they have long since ceased to function as either a keeper of our home or a welcome party to our friends and family. If you really try hard, how many of us can actually describe accurately our own front door, handles, letter box and all and yet we enter and exit several times a day and thousands of times a year.

Take time and put thought into choosing your next front door it is so much more than just a barrier (Oxford English!)

Have a look at the Kershaws Doors collection of wooden doors. With a wide range of doors including internal and external doors, grand door sets and glazed or solid timber doors.

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Set Up for Doubles

Although we are certainly not over the Winter yet there are days when the sun appears and the bulbs are beginning to rise through the soil indicating the promise of Spring. I find that I am beginning to look out into the garden more, and my dogs, in particular, constantly sit at our folding sliding doors longing to chase the squirrels. It’s now when I fully appreciate our decision to install a series of external Double and Folding doors in our home. There’s nothing better than looking into the garden through full length glass and better still, once the weather permits, to open up the doors onto a patio or bring the garden into the house.

The expression French Door is often referred to as a French window due to it’s large amount of glazing, allowing light and a view into the outdoor space. The term Double Doors or Door Sets is also used to refer to an opening with more than a single door leaf which is within a large door frame.

Kershaws Doors Ltd supply a variety of external timber framing systems to accommodate beautiful double doors with side panels to create a Grand Entrance. Take a look at their new, contemporary Mega Oak doors with a substantial 3mm thick veneer available in both solid and glazed versions or the Riverside Oak with more traditional features.

St Louis Set 8

St Louis Set 8

The fashion for using double doors in interiors has always been popular, particularly in grand properties. There has recently been a resurgence of this trend due to the popularity of open plan living. Double door sets are easy to make using standard doors for both interior and external applications.

For internal applications they have a massive choice of doors which are all suitable to use as Interior Room divider sets. If the internal opening between rooms is substantial why not consider using 4 doors, 2 of which could be side panels or look at their new range of internal doors with complimentary side panels such as the Tokyo in Walnut and the St Louis and Mega Internal which have a substantial Oak veneer. Frames can be supplied to compliment your choice of door or alternatively these particular door styles come as ready to assemble kits. Additional architrave to complete these sets is also available. If you are choosing a folding sliding door set consider the Westbury in ready to finish Oak, and look forward to spring and forget the winter blues.

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