Door Knobs

Some door styles are complimented by choosing door knobs as an alternative to handles. Our aim is to assist you when choosing your door hardware by simplifying the process. This has been achieved by indicating each door knob style as pairs or as a complete door hardware set option. Sets may include locks or latches depending on which door knob is chosen and hinges appropriate to internal or external doors. Also, included in some sets are Thumb Turns or Escutcheons when a Mortice lock is included in order to give a neat finish to the door lock area. Click on each door knob picture, the drop down menu will indicate all the options available including the sets. The set details are indicated as images below.


  • Victorian BallFrom £21.70
  • Victorian MushroomFrom £16.07


We offer free delivery for your door hardware if you are purchasing your doors at the same time.