Scandinavian Interiors influenced by the Happy Danes

Denmark has once again been ranked as the happiest nation in the world. This was issued again and this time by the first World Happiness Report, held in April 2012.

Ikea StorefrontThere is a fascination in the way others live there lives and there lifestyle choices. An  interest in Scandinavian inspired interiors has been happening for many years and with the existence of retailers such as Ikea and Bo Concept, to name only two, furniture and furnishings are widely available. In the 60’s Habitat and it’s founder Terence Conran influenced customers tastes by introducing many European products new to the British market, including some with a Scandinavian origin. Recently, there has been a resurgence of interest in this type of light, bright and crisp treatment to interiors. As with all style concepts there are many variations, the contemporary minimalist style is sometimes the look we would associate with Scandinavian interiors yet there is the ‘Granny Style’ that has a more cottage look including patterned furnishings and panelled furniture.


The contemporary Scandinavian styling has probably arisen with the need to utilise light by having larger windows (double or triple Glazed) to collect as much light in the day as winter darkness is from November to April. Danish modern styling was very much influenced by the 1920’s Bauhaus school of design and architecture founder by Walter Gropius in Germany. The Danes can also lay claim to some of the best furniture designers such as Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen the functionalist designer.

Modern, light interiors are often monochrome with added splashes of colour. However, the Scandinavian influence will generally include timber in some form, whether as a planked timber floor covered with rugs, wooden furniture or timber doors.


The Countryman Door

I you are wishing to create a Scandinavian style look at the many door designs supplied by Kershaws Doors.  The cottage planked V groove interior doors such as the Countryman Solid and Countryman Glazed version supplied in unfinished Oak will suit the ‘Granny Style’. These doors have 18mm solid oak lipping which allows for trimming to fit existing door openings. The Countryman Solid is also available as a Fire Rated FD30 option making it ideal for loft conversions and multi occupancy properties.

If a contemporary Scandinavian look is required then a timber option could the Mega range of Oak veneered doors which offer a range of set options. If you are introducing the timber element in other areas such as the flooring and want doors which are light and suitable to be painted then the Shaker style may be your preference as it is also available as a glazed option.

If your property is a conversion with larger than standard doors or a new build which requires over sized doors for the contemporary effect then the Custom door range will be just what you need.  Give Kershaws Doors a ring to discuss your ideas and preferences the sales team are there to assist you.  Happy Scandinavian styling.

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