Value Doors External

These doors are all good quality and may be in this section because we want to promote a new door design, of course some are classed as luxury others mid-range and some are sale doors. Everyone likes a bargain occasionally and we aim to provide products for all tastes and pockets.

This section will have a sometimes changing, array of products which could be the economy doors, end of line doors or doors which have been purchased by us just because they were a good buy considering the quality and value of the item. If you see what you want the chances are it may not be there next time you look if it is a limited stock item so to be thrifty purchase ASAP.


The following products are currently ON SALE!

  • MegaFrom £297.34
  • Mega PanelFrom £243.58
  • Pattern 10From £208.31
  • Pattern 20 PairFrom £544.29


In addition, if you see value doors in this section and it's just what you want but the sizes are not to your requirements then contact our sales team as they may be able to tell you if the doors are likely to be available again. If you want a special size or larger quantity then sometimes we are able to investigate the possibilities for you. Also, remember our custom doors section if you are looking for an unusual size or design of external door.