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Internal French doors can dramatically enhance the appearance of a room. They alter the function of two rooms, allowing separation when required or open access for family gatherings and an open aspect to another room.  Glazed options provide a quality atmosphere by providing extra light and views to other rooms. French doors can be supplied as a ready made set which includes the frame and architrave, or can be ordered as separate components using individual doors with additional, suitable frames and architrave to match in with skirting. When choosing a design consider the compatibility with the other existing doors. Alternatively, if you are changing all the doors then you will be able to choose a mixer of glazed or solid for the pair depending on the requirements you have for the adjoining rooms or rest of the property.

Choosing thecorrect size is extremely important. The general height of ready made French doors is 1981mm (78 inch). To achieve greater height you will need to use a fan light frame or make sure the opening is the correct height for the door.Widths have been standardized at 36, 42, 46, 48, 54 and 60 inches(see metric converter), and, dependant on style, can be 35mm, 40mm and 44mm thick. Some French Door pairs are supplied with frames and hardware, click each picture for more information.


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  • 8 Light PairFrom £371.96
  • Chiswick PairFrom £356.16
  • Classique 6L PairFrom £186.12
  • Dove PairFrom £369.90
  • Downham PairFrom £235.24
  • Durban PairFrom £191.20
  • Hampstead PairFrom £362.88
  • Manhattan PairFrom £214.13
  • Mega Set 01From £478.48
  • Mega Set 02From £585.16
  • Mega Set 03From £803.74
  • Mega Set 04From £857.08
  • Mega Set 05From £744.57
  • Mega Set 06From £851.25
  • Mega Set 07From £1,004.04
  • Mega Set 08From £1,110.72
  • Mega Set 09From £1,242.60
  • Mega Set 10From £924.53
  • Orient PairFrom £358.68
  • Park Lane RM PairFrom £358.05
  • Pattern 10 PairFrom £133.73
  • Pattern 20 PairFrom £351.80
  • Portobello PairFrom £175.55
  • Shaker 4 Panel PairFrom £286.29
  • Shaker Pattern 10 PairFrom £286.29
  • St Louis Set 01From £459.09
  • St Louis Set 02From £592.91
  • St Louis Set 03From £801.80
  • St Louis Set 04From £868.71
  • St Louis Set 05From £729.05
  • St Louis Set 06From £862.88
  • St Louis Set 07From £992.40
  • St Louis Set 08From £1,126.23
  • St Louis Set 09From £1,258.11
  • St Louis Set 10From £936.16
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Additional information for Interior French Doors

Timber options for internal French Window or door pairs are pine, oak and white moulded. However, it is possible to use standard interior doors to create a custom pair or side panel arrangement by using 24, 27, 30 or 33 inches wide doors. and employ your joiner to rebate them (or leave as a square edge) and so creating a set which can compliment the other doors in the property.  Using this design idea other timbers can be used such as standard Walnut doors.

The new Pre-Finished Oak Mega and Boston sets are 35mm in thickness and provide versatile options as French pairs due to their availability in solid or glazed and will co-ordinate with the regular doors available for other areas as single doors.