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Over the last decade there has been a particularly, significant innovation in interior design to create lighter, more open, modern schemes for properties using room dividers. Whether a new build, modern in design or a period property the trend to combine multiple rooms in order to maximise space has become increasingly popular. By using structural building techniques it is now possible to open up a property completely. This development in interiors is often done to achieve an improved flow between rooms but to have the facility to close this space again, when necessary. The fitting of two doors often referred to as French Doors is often the solution.

However, this idea can be developed further by the use of a room divider, particularly if a larger opening between rooms is needed or the opening created between rooms is too large for two doors to function adequately. By using multiple, standard doors to create a room divider it allows for using a mix of solid panels and glazed, all glazed or alternatively all panelled for a completely closed off effect.


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  • Astbury 3 Door Full Opening SetFrom £789.92
  • Astbury 3 Door Split Opening SetFrom £789.92
  • Astbury 4 Door Full Opening SetFrom £973.73
  • Astbury 4 Door Middle Opening SetFrom £973.73
  • Astbury 5 Door Full Opening SetFrom £1,159.20
  • Astbury 5 Door Split Opening 2 SetFrom £1,159.20
  • Astbury 5 Door Split Opening SetFrom £1,159.20
  • Mega Set 01From £478.48
  • Mega Set 02From £585.16
  • Mega Set 03From £803.74
  • Mega Set 04From £857.08
  • Mega Set 05From £744.57
  • Mega Set 06From £851.25
  • Mega Set 07From £1,004.04
  • Mega Set 08From £1,110.72
  • Mega Set 09From £1,242.60
  • Mega Set 10From £924.53
  • St Louis Set 01From £459.09
  • St Louis Set 02From £592.91
  • St Louis Set 03From £801.80
  • St Louis Set 04From £868.71
  • St Louis Set 05From £729.05
  • St Louis Set 06From £862.88
  • St Louis Set 07From £992.40
  • St Louis Set 08From £1,126.23
  • St Louis Set 09From £1,258.11
  • St Louis Set 10From £936.16
  • Tokyo Set 01From £439.85
  • Tokyo Set 02From £554.76
  • Tokyo Set 03From £763.26
  • Tokyo Set 04From £820.72
  • Tokyo Set 05From £689.87
  • Tokyo Set 06From £804.78
  • Tokyo Set 07From £947.73
  • Tokyo Set 08From £1,062.64
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Additional  information on Room Dividers, please call for more advice.

We offer a wide range of pre-designed sets which include the matching frames and architrave. These doors are 35mm thick and based on standard sized doors. The frame is supplied as a kit which is flat-pack and ready to be assembled by a joiner. The doors for the room divider are supplied with square edges and can be rebated if necessary by a joiner. Please appreciate that timber is a natural product, therefore grain texture and colour can vary between doors. The doors/panels to not have book-matched veneers. Sizes stated are approximate.

The Pre-Finished Oak Mega, Tokyo and St Louis sets provide versatile options as room dividers or French doors due to their availability in solid or glazed and will co-ordinate with the regular doors available for other areas as single doors. If customers prefer to use there own design ideas using doors from other ranges then this is often possible and discussing their ideas with our sales personnel is the best route.