Stable Doors in Oak or Hardwood for your Home.stable Doors

Stable doors provide an effective and useful solution to a variety of door access requirements. The most practical feature of a stable door being the ability to open the top half of the door for ventilation and additional viewing to the outside, while providing security and safety for small children and pets. Our stable doors are manufactured as two separate halves that are rebated along the two meeting edges, creating an open inwards feature. Stable doors are traditionally used in cottage and rustic style properties however; we supply many to modern and contemporary homes due to the versatility of the product. These stable doors can be used as front or kitchen doors. The two halves of the doors can be bolted together to work as a solid door leaf when the top open feature is not required.


  • Breckenridge V2 StableFrom £367.92
  • Farmhouse V3 StableFrom £415.73
  • Farmhouse V4 StableFrom £419.33
  • Stable 1LFrom £132.48
  • Stable 9LFrom £270.48
  • Stable CottageFrom £348.81
  • Stable Cottage 1LFrom £150.53
  • Stable Cottage 4LFrom £347.00
  • Stable Cottage 9LFrom £150.53


Additional information for hardwood stable doors.

A variety of hardware styles can be used with stable doors, when choosing hardware it is important to consider that two sets of locks and hinges will be required to allow the two sections to function. Additionally, bolts are required to fix the two leaves together. It is also recommended that you fit weather bars to both sections of the door to prevent water ingress. This selection of stable doors offers styles from economy to the deluxe tri-glazed stable cottage. Our sales team will assist you in choosing the appropriate hardware for your stable door; see the hardware section for the handle designs available.