When fitting an exterior timber door it is also necessary to fit a weather bar to the bottom of the door which will work as a rain deflector and ensure that rain water is directed away from the underside of the door. We stock hardwood Weatherbars (also known as Weatherboards) in two different species of timber to compliment our exterior door range. Weatherbars can be purchased in separate short lengths so can be trimmed down by your joiner onsite to suit all standard and many un-standard door widths. 


  • Rain DeflectorFrom £7.98
  • Weatherbar HardwoodFrom £9.95
  • Weatherbar OakFrom £16.56


Remember to use water resistant exterior wood glue and woodscrews when fitting our wooden weather bars, and treat them with exterior wood stain or paint in the same recommended manner as for our exterior doors. Two weather bars can be supplied for French Door Pairs, or for stable doors that will require one weather bar to be fitted to the top and bottom of the door halves.