Internal Door Framesinternal door frames

Interior Door Frames (also known as door linings) are the timber facings against your wall or stud partition from where the door hangs. In most situations frames can be fitted using wood screws or frame fixes, and any gaps between the wall or stud work can be filled using no nails adhesive or expanding foam, screw heads can usually be concealed under the frames 'Stop' that is the loose component that the door will close against. Our interior door frames and frame sections are available in standard widths to suit your different wall depths.


  • Economy Interior Frame KitFrom £17.66
  • Interior Frame FD30 Prefinished OakFrom £44.04
  • Interior Frame FD30 Unfinished OakFrom £40.25
  • Interior Frame FD30 WhiteFrom £33.24
  • Interior Frame Prefinished OakFrom £34.44
  • Interior Frame Unfinished OakFrom £30.65
  • Interior Frame WhiteFrom £23.64
  • Intumescent Brown Fire and Smoke SealFrom £5.50
  • Intumescent White Fire and Smoke SealFrom £5.50


We can supply economy pine frames that can be painted or stained and we also stock a large amount of veneer wrapped MDF interior frame section that is supplied in length form.  Our veneered frames will suit 35mm thick doors and 40/44mm thick doors, this can be determined by reversing the integral loose door stop.  In many cases our MDF frame section can also be used with fire doors when grooved and fitted with an intumescent strip (please note that frames referred to as fire rated on this website have not been independently fire tested, but can be used in many fire rated circumstances if valid to do so under the doors fire test certificate).  Please call our door experts for friendly advice on choosing the correct frame for your requirements.