Glass Fire Doorsglass fire doors

We offer an impressive collection of glass fire doors, these internal fire doors range from Modern Contemporary to Traditional Styles. Fire doors have a fire resistance rating which relates to how long the door will hold back a fire due to it's resistance to temperature. FD30 refers to 30 minutes protection FD60 therefore means 60 minutes.

A glazed internal door can enhance the look of an interior, by allowing extra light into an area which would otherwise be too dark or compromise a view using a solid door. Sometimes it is vital to have viewing panels to allow observation before opening a door, particularly in busy commercial situations. However, in some interior situations the building officer will deem it necessary to install doors which are FD30 or FD60. In the past, fire certified doors were always utilitarian, plain and generally solid in construction, with any glazing usually of the wired type. Fortunately modern techniques of door manufacture and glass production now allows Fire Certified doors to be glazed in clear glass and available in a range of styles and finishes, some are available unfinished to allow customers to choose their choice of treatment.


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  • 4 Panel GlazedFrom £153.30
  • BarbicanFrom £145.16
  • Barnes 3L Clear GlazedFrom £230.84
  • Bastille GlazedFrom £287.00
  • BlenheimFrom £268.92
  • CantabriaFrom £298.00
  • Capri 3 LightFrom £161.12
  • Capricorn FD30From £513.00
  • Custom 2 Panel 6VFrom £297.18
  • Custom 4 Panel 2VFrom £198.16
  • Custom England 3VFrom £312.03
  • Custom London 2VFrom £228.68
  • Custom Pattern 30 1VFrom £270.65
  • Custom Sweden 1VFrom £223.36
  • DominionFrom £141.48
  • FaroFrom £98.92
  • GomeraFrom £298.00
  • Iris 6L Clear GlazedFrom £195.22
  • Iseo 4504 Clear GlazedFrom £204.63
  • Iseo 4514 Clear GlazedFrom £138.77
  • Lapa GlazedFrom £367.92
  • Libra FD30From £486.00
  • Miami GlazedFrom £359.86
  • Milan Obscure GlazedFrom £180.44
  • Mirage 3 LightFrom £170.52
  • Orta 8514 Clear GlazedFrom £150.20
  • Palermo 4L Obscure GlazedFrom £188.20
  • Powell GlazedFrom £514.08
  • Richmond RM2S GlazedFrom £170.68
  • Shaker 4 Panel Obscure GlazedFrom £153.83
  • Shaker Pattern 10 Clear GlazedFrom £138.46
  • Suffolk 6L Clear GlazedFrom £204.96
  • Type EFrom £267.34
  • Type FFrom £361.78
  • Type GFrom £297.75
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Additonal information on glass fire doors.

We are able to offer many glazed fire doors within the ranges of our standard door styles. This allows the interior design to flow rather than having dissimilar fire doors in the scheme. In addition to our off the shelf ranges we are able to supply custom, bespoke glazed fire doors to customers specific requirements for non-standard sizes. These glazed are factory finished as standard, though they can be supplied unfinished by request. The beading on these doors is the ‘hockey-stick’ profile. Before hanging these doors can be trimmed by 3mm per edge. These doors carry the BWF and Certifire Accredited. FD30 rated doors are 44mm thick & FD60 rated are 54mm thick. You may need to contact our sales team for specific details on these doors