Door Latches and Door Locks

We can supply British Standard Latches and Locks separately to compliment your chosen hardware. However, the hardware sets will include these along with all the other items you will need to hang your doors. You are able to see the hardware set options in the drop down menu in the handle section. All doors will require some form of latch in order to keep the doors from swinging open. In addition, you will also need a locking mechanism for External doors, Bathrooms, French doors or Door pairs and the like when privacy is required. We supply British Standard 5 Lever Locks as part of your hardware requirements. To make your hardware decision process as easy as possible you will find the hardware sets useful. However, if unsure about the choices you should make when choosing locks please contact our sales team for advice. Please note that we offer free delivery for your door hardware if you are purchasing your doors at the same time.


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  • 2 Lever Rebated Lock BlackFrom £12.21
  • 2 Lever Rebated Lock BrassFrom £12.15
  • 2 Lever Rebated Lock BronzeFrom £12.15
  • 2 Lever Rebated Lock NickelFrom £12.15
  • 2 Lever Sash Lock BlackFrom £8.03
  • 2 Lever Sash Lock BrassFrom £7.74
  • 2 Lever Sash Lock BronzeFrom £8.84
  • 2 Lever Sash Lock NickelFrom £7.73
  • 2.5'' Bathroom Lock Pack BrassFrom £15.08
  • 2.5'' Bathroom Lock Pack PolishedFrom £15.27
  • 2.5'' External Lock Package BrassFrom £33.17
  • 2.5'' External Lock Package SatinFrom £32.26
  • 2.5'' Internal Lock Pack BrassFrom £16.19
  • 2.5'' Internal Lock Pack Florentine BronzeFrom £20.10
  • 2.5'' Internal Lock Pack PolishedFrom £16.37
  • 2.5'' Latch Pack BlackFrom £5.96
  • 2.5'' Latch Pack BrassFrom £11.73
  • 2.5'' Latch Pack Florentine BronzeFrom £14.63
  • 2.5'' Latch Pack PolishedFrom £11.63
  • 2.5'' Latch Pack SatinFrom £10.48
  • 3 Lever Sash LockFrom £10.50
  • 3'' Bathroom Lock Pack BrassFrom £16.18
  • 3'' Bathroom Lock Pack PolishedFrom £16.37
  • 3'' External Lock Package BrassFrom £33.17
  • 3'' External Lock Package SatinFrom £32.26
  • 3'' Internal Lock Pack BrassFrom £16.52
  • 3'' Internal Lock Pack PolishedFrom £16.71
  • 3'' Latch Pack BlackFrom £6.14
  • 3'' Latch Pack BrassFrom £12.28
  • 3'' Latch Pack Florentine BronzeFrom £14.81
  • 3'' Latch Pack PolishedFrom £12.14
  • 3'' Latch Pack SatinFrom £10.98
  • 5 Lever Euro Lock Kit BrassFrom £40.85
  • 5 Lever Euro Lock Kit StainlessFrom £40.85
  • 5 Lever Euro Rollerball StainlessFrom £17.67
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Information about Latches

For your assistance here is an explanation of what a latch is. We supply a range of the types:-

In order for your door to stay closed you will require a latch. This is a spring-loaded bolt with an angled edge (which is always proud of the door edge unless pushed in). It works by the angled edge of the latch allowing the bolt to retract as the door is pushed into the frame it then locks into the frame with the other part of the latch, called the keep, which forms a slot in the frame. When the door is fully closed, the spring in the latch engages allowing the latch bolt to extend so holding the door closed. The latch bolt remains in the frame until the door handle or door knob is turned to disengage it, allowing the door to open.

Information about Locks

For your assistance here is an explanation of the basic types of locks available. We supply a range of the standard types:-

  • A Deadlock works by having a bolt within the lock which, when turned with a key, engages into the keep which is fixed into the door frame. This lock will only keep the door shut when lock.
  • A Sashlock includes a deadlock and a latch which will engage with the keep via an angled bolt, when the door handle or door knob is turned the latch will engage with the keep in the frame, latching into it to prevent the door from opening. Turning the key provided will then lock the door with the deadbolt.
  • A Thumb Turn and Release, Often used as a Bathroom lock system which is very neat and does not require a key. This lock system can have an indicator to show that the room is occupied.
  • A French Door or Door Pair Lock this latch and lock also has a rebate conversion kit including a keep which fixes to the rebates of a door pair. If the doors are not rebated then a regular lock or latch system is required. Please note : for this type of door arrangement you will also require bolts to fix the doors top and bottom.