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In this area of the site you will be viewing doors from two ends of the spectrum.  Here you will find our combined range of economical engineered pine exterior doors and also our high-end English crafted external softwood doors.  The economy pine on this page are ideally intended for light use under a sheltered area or inside a porch.  The High-end ‘Kershaws Heritage’ doors on this page are specially manufactured in the UK using traditional through mortise and tenon joints, and are produced using solid softwood and moisture resistant MDF panels for stability (supplied undercoated with white primer as standard).  Our custom made can be produced in standard Victorian door sizes or to any bespoke size within our manufacturing tolerance, please use the drop down sizes on each product before adding it to your basket.  In addition if you have any other requirement of bespoke or custom made softwood or hardwood doors or frames please contact us to discuss.


  • 2XGFrom £112.31
  • FL&B GateFrom £68.42
  • Kershaws Heritage Cottage GlazedFrom £756.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.00From £395.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.01From £415.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.02From £425.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.05From £550.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.06From £585.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.07From £550.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.08From £670.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.09From £575.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.11From £575.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.12From £470.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.15From £655.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.16From £620.00
  • Kershaws Heritage No.17From £620.00
  • Malton 1PFrom £123.53