Designs of Interior Bifold Doors in oak and pine and white. Kershaws Doors

Internal Bifolding doors are usually chosen when space for a standard door to open is limited.  A Bi-folding door is an intelligent solution to a variety of interior door opening challenges. This could be within a kitchen, bathroom W.C. or cupboard situation.  These doors are also a good design solution when a pair of Bi fold internal doors are used as a room divider, allowing space for them to fold back when this would be limited if standard sized doors where used.  It is important to note that interior bi-fold doors are only suitable for applications inside properties due to security issues.


  • 4 Panel Bi-FoldFrom £65.27
  • 4 Panel Bi-Fold GlazedFrom £114.16
  • 4 Panel Glazed Bi-FoldFrom £115.20
  • 6 Panel Bi-FoldFrom £56.97
  • 8 Panel Bi-Fold TraditionalFrom £91.08
  • Classique Bi-FoldFrom £78.84
  • Marston Clear Flat Glass Bi-FoldFrom £201.84
  • Shaker 4 Panel Bi-FoldFrom £154.60
  • Shaker Pattern 10 Bi-FoldFrom £154.60
  • Shaker Pattern 10 Bi-Fold GlazedFrom £183.24
  • Victorian Clear Bevelled Glass Bi-FoldFrom £231.42
  • Westbury 3 Door Full Opening SetFrom £789.92
  • Westbury 3 Door Split Opening SetFrom £789.92
  • Westbury 4 Door Full Opening SetFrom £973.73
  • Westbury 4 Door Middle Opening SetFrom £973.73
  • Westbury 4 Door Split Opening SetFrom £973.73
  • Westbury 5 Door Full Opening SetFrom £1,159.20
  • Westbury 5 Door Split Opening 2 SetFrom £1,159.20
  • Westbury 5 Door Split Opening SetFrom £1,159.20


Additional Bi fold door information you may find helpful.

Internal Bi-fold doors are offered in a variety of designs from traditional 4, 6 and 8 panels in solid or with glazed panels to contemporary styles such as pattern 10.  The standard widths manufactured are to fit openings of 24, 27 and 30 inches (refer to metric converter). The thickness of the doors will generally be 35mm but some are 27mm, dependent on the manufacturer.  Timber choices are pine, oak and white moulded.  However, customised, doors using other standard designs alternative timbers is possible if a suitable track can be fitted.

If you require more information regarding other solutions please contact our sales staff by e-mail or telephone with the sizes relating to your project. Bifold internal door kits are usually 78inches in height and this includes the height of the relevant track. Internal folding doors do not use hinges as a opening system against the frame, instead they are hung from a track which is fixed to the underside of the top frame.  The door is made into two halves which are hinged and when the door is opened the top of the door slides along the track folding one panel onto the other and so neatly folding into half the space of the full door.