We provide a range of hinges in a variety of finishes to compliment your chosen hardware. These will be British Standard quality hinges including types suitable for the various types and weights of the doors we supply. The hinges will use washers or bearings dependent on the type of door and come in a variety of finishes. You are able to choose these hinges as sets, in the quantities you require, we recommend 3 per door.


  • 3" Hinges BlackFrom £2.60
  • 3" Hinges BrassFrom £8.45
  • 3" Hinges BronzeFrom £11.27
  • 3" Hinges ChromeFrom £8.64
  • 3" Hinges StainlessFrom £7.49
  • 4" Hinges BlackFrom £13.58
  • 4" Hinges BrassFrom £13.30
  • 4" Hinges BronzeFrom £15.41
  • 4" Hinges ChromeFrom £14.16
  • 4" Hinges StainlessFrom £12.39
  • Tee HingeFrom £20.67


Our Hardware Sets make this process easier when you are choosing our door handles or door knobs as they include the correct type and quantity of hinges for your chosen door. Simply choose the handle design you require, refer to the symbols indicating internal, external fire door, French door and the like. then using the drop down menu you can choose the set relating to you particular type of door or doors. The sets will include our recommended 3 x 4inch (102mm) hinges for external and fire doors. Internal door hardware sets will have 3 x 3inch (76mm) hinges. The finishes of the hinges provided in the sets will compliment the finish of the handle chosen for example:- a traditional Black Antique handle set will contain antique Black Hinges. We offer free delivery for your door hardware if you are purchasing your doors at the same time.