We’re All Thinking Holidays

Christmas seems like a distant memory and we are left with cold, dull and miserable weather. This makes most of us think about our next week off (or fortnight if you are lucky!)

Throughout December we are bombarded with adverts for kids toys and Christmas food.

In spring a whole new wave of advertising begins – sunny holidays, romantic getaways, family breaks and luxury villas. With tempting sights of sandy beaches and children playing in swimming pools, it gets us all thinking about booking some time away.

We’ve been talking holidays in the Kershaws Doors office. I fancy a week away in the sun and have started to look around. Now that I have a young daughter my requirements for a holiday have changed a little. Last year we had a great holiday in the Canaries at an all inclusive hotel. I think we might try and book something similar this year. My key priorities are to get a nice relaxing family break in a comfortable hotel in a nice sunny location.

Going on holiday is a funny thing… We spend months counting down to our well earned getaway. It gets us through the cold miserable weather and it makes our working days a bit more worthwhile. As the big break draws closer we start panic buying and shop for a whole new wardrobe and gallons of sun lotion and after sun. On the day of departure we squeeze everything into our cases, check the tickets and passports several times.

The final thing is the momentous closing and locking of the front door. This is the moment the holiday begins – the shutting of the door. As we drive away, I say a fond farewell to home and think about the holiday ahead. After a fabulous week flies by, it is time to head home and from that moment there is one thing on my mind – getting home and opening our front door. It is the symbol of being safely back home.

Make sure you have a lovely welcoming front door to come back to. Check out the extensive range of modern and traditional styles of doors that Kershaws Doors can offer.

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