News on Government house buying scheme prompts better curb appeal

In the Government’s recent budget states that the Help to Buy Guarantee Scheme aims to encourage mortgage lenders to offer better access to low-deposit mortgages.  Hopefully this plan will stimulate some extra growth in the housing market. Whether you are planning to sell and subsequently buy, or are a first time home- buyer, the appearance of a property has paramount importance to the sale.

It is apparent to us at Kershaws Doors Ltd that our timber doors business depends on property owners wishing to make the best of their property assets. ‘Curb Appeal’ is a relatively new term to the British property market and often used as an indicator to exterior attractiveness of both commercial and residential properties. This expression was used extensively during the USA property boom, along with ‘Home Staging’ referring to making improvements to a house to increase its selling power.  An exterior, which is fresh, stylish and welcoming, will always encourage a prospective buyer.

Enhancing the exterior of a property can be expensive though it is often easier to appraise than interior design decisions.  External curb appeal elements can be broken down into chunks such as, walls, roof, windows, doors, and garden. These are often substantial investments and few of us will tackle them all at once but decisions on what to do and in order can be planned around finances.

As a designer I often plan to choose items, which give the most impact first which can be done without disrupting other things. Of course, during a major refit the building work must be done first though minor enhancements.  Fitting a new timber front door is a process, which gives maximum benefit for the costs involved.  I have often advised clients to look around their area to see the door styles on other properties, are there original designs appropriate to the age of the property or adventurously different. The style of door chosen must look right with the architecture but can be eye catching, a design tip worth attempting is to take a photograph of your property and superimpose a chosen door image fro Kershaws Doors site to see how it may look. The image will have our name on it for design security but is not too invasive and will help you decide between various styles.

Please remember, as always, the team at Kershaws are more than willing to help you with the decision process.

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