Door Pranks on April Fools reminds Kershaws Door team of their youth

It was the first of April recently (not that you would know it judging by the weather!) and I was caught out by a number of April Fools and pranks. So I have been thinking about pranks this week.

Here’s an old favourite of my brother’s, involving a door and a book. He would shout for my dad to come into his room, which should have been a giveaway as his room was normally out of bounds to parents and siblings!

You guessed it, on entering his bedroom; my dad was struck on the head by a book that he had balanced on the slightly ajar door. Oh, how he laughed and oh, how my dad didn’t! My dad was always a prankster so he had to see the funny side. He told us tales of how he had come running in from school sneezing into a hanky, only to reveal a sheep’s eyeball in the hanky, much to my poor grandma’s horror.

Knock-A-Door Run

As a youngster, I was always a fan of joking around and pranks. In fact a favourite game of mine was ““. If you don’t know it, you’ve probably guessed the aim of the game! We knocked on someone’s door and ran off before they answered it. It was always best if you could hide and watch the look on house owners faces when there was no one there. Now I’m older, I would be livid if this disturbed me, but we were always careful whom we played a trick on and we stayed clear of older or vulnerable people. We stopped playing this game when I ended up in casualty one day after sliding and falling whilst running away – I suppose that was a lesson for me!

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