How do we choose our Custom Door Designs ? It’s a thoughtful process.

In February I wrote a Blog explaining why we also supply Made to Measure timber doors.  The sales of Custom Made, bespoke timber doors styles are an ever increasing part of Kershaws Doors business as we supply quality products for this particular market. This Blog itemises some of the particular styles we currently supply. Remember that custom made doors take longer to arrive as they are specially made for individual customers.

We have chosen a very reliable supply chain for both the internal and external Made To Measure doors. Our suppliers produce high grade products at a price reasonable to our customers, who, particularly when embarking upon a renovation or new-build project, are looking for the best price in timber doors.

Headline and Skyline


The custom styles we have chosen are based upon customer’s preferences and requests made over the years. All styles within the internal bespoke ranges, are available as Fire Door options.  If you are looking for custom made timber doors then click bespoke on the internal door drop down menu and custom on the external menu.


The internal Doors are constructed using modern techniques with real timber Clear Pine or Oak veneers with substantial, interlocking lipped edges and solid timber mouldings.
Contemporary styles are well suited to modern properties, loft and apartment conversions.



Various Custom DoorsThe Saltbox and London designs are ideal for traditional properties from Georgian to the Victorian era.  In addition when renovating post-war properties the Custom Pattern 30 range in Clear pine is ideal for staining or painting.

The External Doors are hand crafted using modern and traditional techniques.

Heritage DoorsThe Heritage Range is ideal for period properties yet will compliment the demands of modern living.

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