Door Quiz

Door Quiz

So this blog post will be a little different. I have created a quiz that is based around doors and words that sound like doors (some are a little tenuous, I must admit!).

Every answer contains the word “door” or a word that sounds like door:

Quiz Clues:

1. A small rodent that typically hibernates for up to six months a year or more.

2. An American word that means sleeping quarters for a number of people, such as you might find in a boarding school.

3. An American actress and singer, born in 1924, star of film Pillow Talk. She was also famous for being an animal activist.

4. A historic market town in Dorset, which is located on the banks of the River Frome (also the name of one of the Kershaws Doors collection of wooden doors).

5. The name given to the fin that is on the backs of various fish and other marine life animals. In the film Jaws, the sight of this in the sea was the warning of a tragedy about to happen.

6. Another word for inactive or sleeping, this can mean laying temporarily out of action.

7. English actress born in 1931, she was a blonde bombshell who appeared in a number of films including Lady Godiva Rides Again.

8. Most famous catchphrase of Larry Grayson and the name of his first TV show launched in 1972.

9. A word that means to move slowly and aimlessly.

10. A slang word for a stupid person, originally an American term but widely used here in the UK as well.




This is a light hearted blog. However, Kershaws Doors Ltd take the subject of internal and external wooden doors very seriously.

Quiz Answers:
1. Dormouse
2. Dormitory
3. Doris Day
4. Dorchester
5. Dorsal fin
6. Dormant
7. Diana Dors
8. Shut that Door
9. Dawdle
10. Dork
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