Pebble in my Shoe

Pebble in my shoeHave you ever been out walking and got a pebble or just a tiny piece of grit in your shoe? Did you stop immediately and remove the offending object or did you, like me, just keep on walking, whilst pretending that the little rock wasn’t bothering you at all. Several miles of uncomfortable walking later finally you stop to deal with the object in your shoe and the relief at removing the grit is overwhelming, “why didn’t I deal with that several hours ago, why did I keep on walking in pain when the solution was so quick and easy?”

Have you ever done this only to repeat the same pattern the next time you go out walking? Well I have and it’s taken many a pebble to finally get the message home to me that dealing with the issue as soon as it crops up is the best option on so many levels. I don’t get quite so many blisters, my mind is on the scenery and not my shoe and indeed, I enjoy the walk so much more.

Why then, do so many of us put up with that squeaky door hinge when we know a bit of oil will fix it in an instant. Why do we put up with a sticking door when in just a few clicks on the Internet we could have a tradesman contacted and ready to deal with it or even better still we could have a nice new door on order. Maybe it’s the key that just doesn’t want to turn some days or there’s a special combination of key turning and shoulder barging that gets you through your front door.

Whatever the issue is with your front door don’t just put up with it like the proverbial pebble. Take a look at the Kershaws Doors collection. Get a new one on order today and you’re one step closer to loving your front door again.

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