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House Extension, image © Allan Crutchley

If you are currently planning a new extension or renovation project for your home then make sure you don’t overlook your all important choice of doors. Sometimes people get so focused on the structure and layout of new rooms and view the doors as simply a functional item within the plans.

If you think how much time you spend thinking about the colour and covering of your walls, why not spend that amount of time considering different options of doors? There certainly are plenty to choose from so you should make sure yours is a considered choice.

Often left to the end of the project, your choice of doors can easily be a rushed decision. But this means missing out on the opportunity to put your own stamp on your home and personalise your space. Your choice of doors can have a significant impact on the look of your room or home. Consider the overall theme of your renovation or decoration and choose doors that complement this style. Give yourself plenty of time to choose and order the doors, especially if a Made to Measure door is required, as this may take a little longer to supply.

Most people will agree that timber doors offer more character with the added bonus that you can paint your door in the colour of your choice to truly reflect your own style. Your doors should reflect the quality of build and decoration that you expect for the rest of your home. Have you considered a grand entrance doorway? These offer a fantastic first impression of your home and there are multiple options for adding one or more sidelights depending how much space you have and the look you are going for.

Fire Door Scheme LogoKershaws Doors offers a wide range of internal, Fire certified and external doors including grand entrances to suit a variety of property styles.

You can choose between modern or traditional and a variety of materials – Oak, Walnut, Pine or Hardwood.

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