Anagram for Timber Door Company is Sad Workhorses

Do you like puzzles and anagrams? Can you solve the anagram in the title?

I thought it would be interesting to see if there were any anagrams for “Kershaws Doors” and this is what I discovered – sad workhorses.

It’s not the most positive wordplay on the company name! In fact it is certainly not a fair reflection of Kershaws Doors at all. The team at Kershaws Doors are a positive bunch of people who are all committed to good customer service. Just look at the Trust Pilot reviews and testimonials page on our website to confirm this and see the lovely comments we have received from our customers. We are all dedicated to helping people choose and buy the most appropriate timber doors.

We always love to get positive feedback from customers telling us what a great job we have done. We do our best to learn about the different doors within our collection so we can answer any questions that might arise. We always try to be helpful and knowledgeable and if we are asked something really unusual, particularly about bespoke doors, we will call you back once we have found out the answer. You would be amazed at the variety of questions we receive each and every day relating to doors. When we get a spare moment we often have a little quiz in the office and ask each other questions about the doors within our range. You may think this is a bit sad or you may see it as dedication to excellent customer service. This helps keep us up to date with all the features and specifications of our doors and prevents us getting rusty. So if you need to know anything about a door in our collection please do not hesitate to call and we will answer any questions you have.

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