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Patio doors are also referred to as Door Pairs, French or Double Doors which are terms used for external doors which leading into gardens and patios. These types of exterior door pairs have been popular for centuries and recently this has increased due to the demand for outside living.

Most of the doors in this range feature more glass than solid panels as they need to allow as much light as possible into the interior. As with all our exterior doors, these double doors are manufactured using solid hardwood laminated timber cores that results in an incredibly strong and stable product. These patio doors are supplied unglazed to provide customer choice and are designed to accept either single glazing or 14mm thick double glazed units.


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  • 10 Light PairFrom £620.49
  • 10 Light Pair Grand Set 04From £942.90
  • 10 Light Pair SL Grand Set 08From £1,263.89
  • 10 Light Pair SL Grand Set 10From £1,543.86
  • Chateaux Elegant Grand Set 01From £1,166.08
  • Chateaux Elegant Grand Set 03From £1,044.88
  • Chateaux Elegant Grand Set 07From £1,602.89
  • Chateaux Elegant Grand Set 09From £1,998.69
  • Chiswick PairFrom £264.00
  • Creedmore Grand Set 01From £1,152.35
  • Creedmore Grand Set 03From £981.12
  • Creedmore Grand Set 07From £1,532.27
  • Creedmore Grand Set 09From £1,871.18
  • Derby Elegant Grand Set 01From £861.33
  • Derby Elegant Grand Set 03From £793.47
  • Derby Elegant Grand Set 05From £810.47
  • Derby Zinc Grand Set 01From £1,166.08
  • Derby Zinc Grand Set 03From £1,013.73
  • Derby Zinc Grand Set 07From £1,571.74
  • Derby Zinc Grand Set 09From £1,936.38
  • Empress PairFrom £1,028.60
  • Hampstead PairFrom £264.00
  • Knightsbridge DoubleFrom £1,167.59
  • Majestic DoubleFrom £1,252.96
  • Majestic Grand EntranceFrom £2,140.84
  • Majestic PairFrom £1,080.68
  • Mega Clear SL Grand Set 03From £884.76
  • Mega Clear SL Grand Set 07From £1,299.46
  • Mega Clear SL Grand Set 09From £1,678.46
  • Mega Frosted SL Grand Set 03From £893.60
  • Mega Frosted SL Grand Set 07From £1,308.29
  • Mega Frosted SL Grand Set 09From £1,696.12
  • Mega Grand Set 01From £879.45
  • Mega Grand Set 02From £822.86
  • Mega V1 Clear SL Grand Set 03From £948.44
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Additional information on French doors.patio Doors

The Chiswick. Pattern 11 and pattern 20 pairs can be adapted to suit 24mm double-glazing with the purchase of additional beading. Handing cannot be specified as all these patio doors are supplied factory pre-rebated. Please appreciate that timber is a natural product and grain texture and colour may vary between leaves. These external patio doors are supplied un-finished allowing them to be painted or treated with a stain/varnish finish, for information regarding suitable stains/lacquers refer to our Door Finishing Section. If you need advice when choosing a particular door design, please contact our sales team who will also answer any queries regarding finishing products and hardware choices.