Polished Black Finish Hardware

As with all our hardware we've added the option to search by finish types, simplifying the hardware selection process. Polished black hardware is one of the most cutting edge finish types available, perfect to add the finishing touch to a modern styled door. We offer both square and round rose handle options as well as a lever on a back plate, with the relevant matching thumbturns and escutcheons. 


  • Designer Black Round EscutcheonFrom £5.40
  • Designer Black Round Euro EscutcheonFrom £5.40
  • Designer Black Round ThumbturnFrom £14.22
  • Designer Black Square EscutcheonFrom £5.40
  • Designer Black Square Euro EscutcheonFrom £5.40
  • Designer Black Square ThumbturnFrom £14.22
  • Duo Black EscutcheonFrom £2.70
  • Duo Black ThumbturnFrom £7.50
  • EclipseFrom £26.82
  • MidnightFrom £25.02
  • Phantom D43From £16.50
  • ShadowFrom £30.42


We offer free delivery for your door hardware if you are purchasing your doors at the same time.